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Steven Brier

Life Saving Arts

Unseen worlds inside


Welcome to the unseen worlds inside and alongside the autism experience.

Happily, these worlds are the same for plain vanilla humans as for autistics, whether savant or not.

My digitally created art takes the viewer into my inner world starting as an autistic savant who had no sensory functions until I acquired language and my five senses over the last thirty years.

My art expresses and reveals the dreams you forgot to record while you were busy living.

I learned the name for my condition from a dream that spelled it out one letter at a time.

Dreams were the first things I could see before physical reality as thousands emerged from 1987-1991. Spirit guides emerged. I followed their guidance.

Until then the only things I could experience were the non-stop mental savant photographs that had replaced language and all my senses.

My savant brain allowed me to survive (even thrive in the financial world) leveraging my unusual intuition.

My spirit guides taught me how to re-acquire language, color vision and all sensory abilities: taste, touch, smell, sound and feelings taking thirty-years.

Each artwork is created in a frenzy borne of a burning need to express an elusive inner state, part dream, part introspective awareness of life inside autism.

My artworks do require attention and patience which I hope will reward viewers with a new connection to their own unconscious.

The creative process has several steps:

1) I search long and hard for images that reflect dream states, collecting thousands of images and letters of the alphabet.

2) I then manipulate these images to isolate critical visual elements.

3) Then, by itself, my unconscious decides it has something to say and I get out of the way.

4) I revisit an artwork many times often first thing in the morning. It can take hours, days, weeks, even months until it has “spoken”..

Many viewers have reported not merely pleasurable aesthetic but even therapeutic benefits.

The images are available as signed limited edition archival fine art paper prints, aluminum or other metal prints (they look really great), even t-shirts and misc other forms all to help awaken sleeping humanity.

Yes, it’s outsider art, but also insider art.